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Orange: Regular programme of public backstage tours available

Blue: Tours available for schools/groups

Purple: No regular programme, but one-off or occasional tours may be available as part of special events

There are a great variety of theatre tours available. Some run daily; others are a one-off you might be lucky enough to come across just once a year, or even less often. Some are for individuals, others are just for education visitors or groups. You'll find world-famous venues with a huge range of different tours - architecture, history, backstage - while other spaces will just have the one. 

On the right-hand side are links to descriptions of tours I have taken personally - again, please be aware that these may be one-offs or for special events. 

Another good starting point is Visit Theatrea guide to theatres’ tours in Great Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium with information on tours and theatre buildings’ history and architecture. Visit Theatres is part of the European Route of Historic Theatres project supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union

If you would like me to review your theatre/venue tour or you would like your theatre tour listed on the map, please contact me

Please note: I have no affiliation with any of the following theatres, venues, or tours unless clearly stated. Reviews, comments and pictures are not endorsed by any of these organisations and are all my own personal opinion.

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